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planet hippo

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vivific @ 10:50 am: Golf Safari in Kenya

Hippo in the rough

by Bob Warters
"There aren't many golf courses in the world where your view of the green might be obscured by a wandering giraffe, your playing partner pro is a former Maasai tribesman or you find yourself chipping to avoid a stubborn hippo.

But then, nothing is quite like playing golf in Kenya. Maniago, one of Africa's leading tour operators specialising in exclusive safaris, offers a unique golf opportunity combining some of Kenya's finest courses with viewing the country's exotic wildlife on safari - occasionally at the same time.

In contrast, a visit to the Aberdare Golf Club at Near, could include sharing the fairways with friendly warthogs and giraffes. After a pit stop at Aberdare's 19th hole, clients keen to see more of Kenya's bountiful wildlife will be driven to The Ark for an evening of game viewing.

A trip to Mt Kenya will features a night at the renowned Mt Kenya Safari Club. At 6,000 feet, its 9-hole course may leave clients a little breathless, but thrilled at how far their drives travel. You also get to play at one of the country's championship venues, Muthaiga Golf Club."

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